HomeCoBuy is a new crowdsourcing platform that helps first time home buyers find down payment support and provides high return investment opportunities for real estate investors.


Buyer's Problems:

Do you dream of buying your first home but feel like it is out of your reach? Most potential first time home buyers feel the same way, because they are spending most of their income on high rent and can not save enough money for a down payment on their first home.


Buyer's Solutions:

HomeCoBuy can help you by matching you up with an investor to help you with the down payment. This is not a traditional loan where you will need to pay monthly interest. You can save at least $10,000 on mortgage insurance and own your dream home at the same time. This will allow you to earn equity on your home and save enough for a down payment on your next home. Stop paying high rent!


Investor's Problems:

Are you a real estate investor who pays too much money to property management companies and would rather spend your money on someone who cares about your investment just as much as you do? Relieve yourself of high property management costs, and tenant problems by letting HomeCoBuy connect you with a first time home buyer.


Investor's Solutions:

HomeCoBuy can help you by matching you up with a first time home buyer who has just as much invested in the care and interest in the property. With HomeCoBuy you can invest in the down payment and own a percentage of the property without the hassles of tenant problems and the high cost of property managers. You can get up to 12% return on your investment every year.